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1 THYRSIS, a young and am'rous Swain,
2 Saw two, the Beauties of the Plain;
3 Who both his Heart subdue:
4 Gay Caelia's Eyes were dazzling fair,
5 Sabina's easy Shape and Air
6 With softer Magick drew.
7 He haunts the Stream, he haunts the Grove,
8 Lives in a fond Romance of Love,
9 And seems for each to dye;
10 'Till each a little spiteful grown,
11 Sabina Caelia's Shape ran down,
12 And she Sabina's Eye.
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13 Their Envy made the Shepherd find
14 Those Eyes, which Love cou'd only blind;
15 So set the Lover free:
16 No more he haunts the Grove or Stream,
17 Or with a True-love Knot and Name
18 Engraves a wounded Tree.
19 Ah Caelia! (sly Sabina cry'd)
20 Tho' neither love, we're both deny'd;
21 Now, to support the Sex's Pride,
22 Let either fix the Dart.
23 Poor Girl! (says Caelia) say no more;
24 For shou'd the Swain but one adore,
25 That Spite which broke his Chains before,
26 Wou'd break the other's Heart.


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Title (in Source Edition): A SONG.
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Parnell, Thomas, 1679-1718. Poems on Several Occasions: Written by Dr. Thomas Parnell, Late Arch-Deacon of Clogher: and Published by Mr. Pope. London: printed for B. Lintot, 1722 [1721], pp. 19-20. [8],221,[3]p.; 8⁰. (ESTC T42652; Foxon p. 554; OTA K041605.000) (Page images digitized from microfilm of a copy in the English Faculty Library, Oxford [XL62.1[Poe]].)

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