Congreve, William, 1670-1729. The tears of Amaryllis for Amyntas. A pastoral: Lamenting the death of the late Lord Marquis of Blanford. ... By Mr. Congreve. London: printed for Jacob Tonson, 1703. [4],8p. ; 2⁰. (ESTC T14538; OTA K027505.000)

  • THE TEARS OF AMARYLLIS FOR AMYNTAS. A PASTORAL. Lamenting the DEATH of The late Lord Marquiss of BLANFORD.

    Inscrib'd to the Right Honourable the Lord GODOLPHIN, Lord High-Treasurer of England.

    By Mr. CONGREVE.

    Qualis populeâ moerens Philomela sub umbra
    Amissos queritur fetus —
    — miserabile Carmen
    Integrat, & moestis late loca quaestibus implet.
    Virg. Geor. 4.

    LONDON, Printed for Jacob Tonson, within Grays-Inn Gate next Grays-Inn Lane, 1703.

  • To the READER.

    THESE Verses had been Printed soon after they were written, if they had not been design'd rather privately to Condole, than publickly to Lament; for it is not pretended that they are in any kind equal to the Subject. But, by some Accident, many Copies of 'em have been dispersed, and one, I was informed, had been shewn to a Bookseller. So that it was high time for me to prevent their appearing with more Faults than their own, which might probably have met with Encrease, if not from the Malice or Ignorance, at least from the Carelessness of an under-hand Publisher.

    I have particularly Reason at this time to apprehend the disingenuous Proceeding of some such Person, having lately seen some Verses Printed, and Intitled A Satyr against Love, Revised and Corrected by Mr. Congreve; who does assure the Reader he never saw or heard of any such Verses before they were so Printed, viz. without either the Name of the Author, Bookseller or Printer, being Publish'd after the manner of a Libel.